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"Another highlight was One Day We'll Die. The piano was a nice touch and the subject while on paper could seem morbid felt quite celebratory in delivery. "

"Brilliant on all counts: snappy hooky melody, and interesting tale performed with gusto, spot on tempo and pitch. The well placed rests after “swear upon my life” is a magical musical moment. Total pro right here!"

" impressive and cleverly constructed. Love the vocal sound, hint of Psychedelic Furs. "
"What an awesome surprise. Great track. Reminds me of the clash, maybe it’s the vocals. Really pro job. Love the piano, the harmonies and guitar work. "



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Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Johan Alm's solo project, Jambrains, is like a Kinder Surprise: you never know exactly what you are going to get but you know it's going to be tasty and expertly packaged. His music is a fusion of strong melodies and the power of guitars en masse with just a pinch of folk thrown in for good measure.
After paying his dues in numerous bands over the years, 2014 saw the birth of Jambrains as a vehicle for Johan to deliver what he calls "power with melody". "I had so many ideas and was writing so many songs but it was just too difficult to find the time to rehearse them with the band, let alone perform or record them. I had two choices - go solo or go insane", he explains.
At the beginning there was no well-defined Jambrains sound - guitars were always a key ingredient but doing lead vocals was new to Johan and style-wise, the songs were very diverse. Eventually a pattern emerged centred around the power and energy of classic rock with the melodies, harmonies and hooks of pop peppered with the ever-present undertow of folk.
The debut album '900 Days' was released in December 2016 and was well received. "It’s personal and fun, and always accompanied by amazing guitar", one review said.  "I wanted to sort of document the first 900 days of Jambrains, so I selected my 12 favorite songs and remixed/remastered them for the album", says Johan. '900 Days' is a perfect introduction to the evolution of the distinctive sound of Jambrains.
The follow up EP 'Life, Love & Lies' was released in September 2017. "This time I wanted more coherent material with regard to both songwriting and production", says Johan. Where the material for the first album was written and recorded over a period stretching over more than 2 years, 'Life, Love & Lies' was written and recorded over the course of 6 months and as a result, the second Jambrains release does sound tighter and more focused.
The third EP Faded Dreams was release in July 2018 and was well received. Johan is currently finalising the fourth EP named Lost Horizons scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.